Chapter 43


Merchandise available from Chapter 43 is divided into two categories — Support and Patch-Holder.  

The Support category includes all items available to our friends, family and the general public. It shows your support of our club and chapter. 

Patch-Holder items are exclusively reserved for full-patched members of the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club who will be verified before orders are fulfilled.



Chapter 43 of the world renowned Boozefighters Motorcycle Club covers Montgomery County, Texas, just north of Houston. We proudly claim the title of "Home of the Texas Flag" as our state flag was designed by Dr. Charles Stewart, a resident of Montgomery, Texas.


We are a true brotherhood of bikers who enjoy riding hard and celebrating life at every opportunity. That's been the Boozefighters' way since our inception in 1946. We do not tolerate thieves or liars, instead requiring truth and accountability from our members. We live to support our Brothers, our families, our country, our military members and the less fortunate.

Getting Involved

We treasure our history over territory and welcome new members who wish to support our ideology. The process to join isn't easy but the ultimate reward will change your life. If you think you have what it takes, approach the next Boozefighter you see, introduce yourself, and ask him how to get involved, or email


Boozefighters Motorcycle Club Chapter 43 holds numerous events throughout the year that are open to the public. Everyone is invited, regardless of club affiliation or type of bike one may ride. Even if you don’t ride, we invite you to come join the fun and support the charities we fund.

Even if you don’t ride, we invite you to come join the fun and support the charities we fund.